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September 16,  2016 


Dear Parents/Guardians : 
      Today was an exciting day at the elementary school!  We had our building launch for a system called Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports system, also known as P.B.I.S.  The entire school gathered to focus on being safe, respectful, and responsible.  Staff performed and children cheered as we explored the good choices children can make to contribute to a peaceful school environment.  

 The students will be receiving “tickets” as an incentive when demonstrating safe, respectful and responsible behavior in school, the playground and on the buses.  We will implement opportunities to celebrate the positive behaviors and communicate more details to about the program to families throughout the year.  

 The common language used with children at school and home will provide consistency for our children and promote a building wide focus for learning and practicing appropriate behaviors.  We appreciate the continued support that you have shown to our team and our students.


Maria Boller and the P.B.I.S Team

 PBIS  click on link to view PBIS slide